A Winning Attitude is Everything





This week I was researching what to write about and I came across a great post by suehardek.com that reminded me about how attitude affects every aspect our lives and careers.  When I think about the career successes and failures of my peers, bosses, colleagues, and my own, one thing is very clear:   attitude is EVERYTHING!  “Like anything in life, your career will have its ups and downs.  You will hit speed bumps and have bad days.  You will make mistakes and experience failure. You will encounter difficult personalities and that boss whom will micromanage you at times.   Nothing is insurmountable with the right attitude.”

If you find yourself in a rut or frustrated on a regular basis, with a constant flow of negative emotions, change your thinking.  As quickly as negative thoughts enter your mind, send them out the door.  Change the way you view adversity.  Adversity is there to teach us life’s lessons.  The key is to let adversity fuel you.  Smile, take a breath and then challenge yourself to figure out how to solve the puzzle by having a winning, “can do” attitude.

Avoid falling into the victim cycle at all costs, because there is always a way.  When you cannot figure it out on your own, that’s okay. This is one of my favorite parts about growing our Mirowski Home Inspection team.  We can enlist the help of others to brainstorm ideas, give a fresh perspective and additional points of view.  Working with our teams helps us separate fact from emotion, and collect as many data points as we can.  We then can map our actions according to a logical and rational plan.

When you make mistakes, and you will, own up to them and do your best to course correct.  Those who can dig in, identify the core issue, and influence a solution with a “can do” attitude will ALWAYS win over those that allow setbacks and failure to defeat and hold them back.  Do not underestimate the power of determination and persistence.  Just be willing to do the work to get there. And be grateful!  Every mistake will be the foundation to rising success as long as you set your course to choose a good attitude and correct them.


There is something you can control at work and that is your reaction to adversity and how you conduct yourself.  So, take those obstacles and tell yourself “I got this”!  Make this attitude a habit and you will see your career grow![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]