Founded in 2000, by Steve Mirowski, Mirowski Inspections, LLC has become a nationally recognized leader in the inspection industry. Located in Springfield, Missouri, the Mirowski Inspection team has grown into one of the best inspection companies in the country. The Mirowski Inspections team meets the highest standards, uses the most advanced tools in the inspection trade, and offers a wide range of inspection services for residential, commercial, and infrared customers. Some of the services offered by Mirowski Inspections include traditional home inspections, pre-sale inspections, pest and termite inspections, environmental inspections, infrared scans, commercial inspections, and 203K Loan Consultations.

Trusted and Reliable Inspections

Mirowski Inspections Steve Scott, Patty Maples, Chelsea Hardin, and Steve Mirowski

Mirowski Inspections Steve Scott, Patty Maples, Chelsea Hardin, and Steve Mirowski

Based on the customer reviews on their website, google, Facebook, and others, the Mirowski Inspection team has a strong reputation for providing thorough and professional inspections, excellent customer service, and clear communications. Their team is led by Owner Steve Mirowski, an experienced inspector, who personally performs about 400 inspections each year, and Dana Mirowski manages day-to-day operations and sales.  Other team members include Steve Scott, Heather Carnahan, Tahg Ladewig, Chelsea Tipton, Patty Maples, and Faith Mirowski, each playing essential roles in providing high-quality inspection services and customer support.

We're passionate about one thing... Building Your Trust

Our mission is to be the most trusted residential and commercial inspection company and leader in every market we serve, providing superior service and value to our customers.

Meet the Team

The Inspectors

Mirowski Inspections is a multi-inspector firm with inspectors who have backgrounds in foundations, HVAC, roofing, new construction, and remodeling. The company offers inspection services for both commercial and residential properties.

Steve Mirowski Mirowski Inspections

Steve Mirowski, ACI
Owner/Residential, Commercial, & 203K Inspections

Steve Scott Mirowski Inspections

Steve Scott
Commercial, Residential & Environmental Inspections

Heather Carnahan Mirowski Inspections

Heather Carnahan
Residential Inspections

Tahg Ladewig Mirowski Inspections

Tahg Ladewig
Residential Inspections


Chelsea Tipton Mirowski Inspections

Chelsea Tipton
Human Resources & Operations

Faith Mirowski Mirowski Inspections

Faith Mirowski
Customer Care & Podcast Host

Maketing, Sales, & Tech

Dana Mirowski Mirowski Inspections

Dana Mirowski
Owner/Marketing & Tech

Patty Maples Mirowski Inspections

Patty Maples
Marketing & Agent Relations