Advantages Of Commercial Infrared Inspections Springfield MO

Locate Potential Problems With Infrared Scans

Thermal Image- Flat Roof Infrared Industrial Scan-Mirowski Inspections Springfield MO (4)Mirowski Inspections has a level 2 thermographer on staff, offers infrared scans, and like in residential inspections, commercial services using infrared technology, can help detect moisture, air infiltration, missing or inadequate insulation, as well as bad contacts or overloaded electrical circuits and devices.

Infrared technology is especially helpful in locating potential problems like electrical hazards and minor roof leaks before they get out of control.   Our service can also assist with quality assurance by identifying missing insulation, plumbing leaks, and structural issues or defects.   We can help to pinpoint troublesome issues such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and energy efficiency without the need for invasive or destructive investigations. Infrared technology can prove invaluable in saving time and revenue typically required to identify and correct these issues.   We have the ability to assist you with our state of the art, high-resolution infrared cameras and training.



Advantages for Infrared Inspections

1.  Reduce Maintenance Cost: Infrared helps you find your potential failures before they occur.  They are quick, economical, and efficient.
Planning repairs on a scheduled basis, rather than having unexpected breakdowns helps maintenance dollars go further.
2.  Lower Insurance Rates: Many insurance companies recommend or require annual infrared inspections.  Some insurance companies will reduce annual premiums if periodic infrared inspections are conducted
3.  Improve Safety: Unexpected accidents from electrical and mechanical failures that may result in fires, explosions, or other catastrophic failures result in many accidents annually.  Infrared inspections help reduce these unexpected accidents
4.  Reduce Loss of Production: By locating potential equipment problems during infrared inspections and performing repairs, loss of production may be reduced and sometimes totaled eliminated.

When to Consider Infrared Inspections

There are several applications that fit the benefits of infrared.  Some questions you can ask yourself when considering infrared are:

  • Are you struggling with finding ways to save money on roof repair and maintenance?
  • Do you need to pinpoint the location of a leak?
  • What are your post construction quality control measures? Can you confirm the quality of materials and workmanship?
  • Frustrated with rising energy cost?  How is your insulation performing?
  • How is the current condition of your roof? How do you prioritize and plan for repairs and replacement?
  • Are you worried about mold related or structural problems?
  • Is your new roof warranty expiring?
  • Concerned about any hidden issues?

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