Mirowski Inspections - More Than a Clipboard and a Home Inspection Checklist

Mirowski Inspections, LLC, is where inspecting a home requires more than a clipboard and simple home inspection checklist. We strive to deliver more than a home inspection. We deliver "The ASHI Experience" from your first call to even after the inspection.

Choosing an ASHI inspector means hiring someone you can trust to objectively and independently provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the home’s major systems and components—apart from anyone's interests other than your own. Our inspectors are there to help you work more efficiently through the inspection process, and are committed to providing the best value in the industry  and conducting inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice; abiding by the ASHI Code of Ethics, and providing superior customer service.

ASHI Is The Most Respected Professional Association For Home Inspectors

ASHI - We Speak House - Mirowski Inspections Springfield MOIn 1976, a group of visionary home inspectors with the common goal of building consumer awareness and enhancing the professionalism of their field established the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This not-for-profit professional association for home inspectors made its first order of business to establish and advocate high standards of practice and a strict code of ethics for the member community.

ASHI is the largest and most respected professional association for home inspectors in North America. Through ASHI’s continued efforts, ASHI's Standards of Practice—covering all of a home's major systems—are now part of many pieces of state legislation and are recognized by consumers as the authoritative standard for professional home inspection.

ASHI’s Web site is the definitive resource for inspectors, consumers, real estate professionals and advice and resources dedicated to home inspection.

ASHI Code OF Ethics = Home Inspection Professionalism

The ASHI Code of Ethics details the core guidelines of home inspection professionalism and home inspection ethics. Covering crucial issues such as conflicts of interest, good faith and public perception, these home inspection ethics are central pillars of home inspection professionalism for the entire industry.

Integrity, honesty, and objectivity are fundamental principles embodied by this Code, which sets forth obligations of ethical conduct for the home inspection profession. The Membership of ASHI has adopted this Code to provide high ethical standards to safeguard the public and the profession.

Inspectors shall comply with this Code, shall avoid association with any enterprise whose practices violate this Code, and shall strive to uphold, maintain, and improve the integrity, reputation, and practice of the home inspection profession.  All Mirowski Inspections Inspectors are members of ASHI and have agreed to abide by this Code of Ethics.
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ASHI Code of Ethics

  • ASHI Code of Ethics - Mirowksi Inspections Springfield MOInspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity.
  • Inspectors shall not inspect properties for compensation in which they have, or expect to have, a financial interest.
  • Inspectors shall not inspect properties under contingent arrangements whereby any compensation or future referrals are dependent on reported findings or on the sale of a property.
  • Inspectors shall not directly or indirectly compensate realty agents, or other parties having a financial interest in closing or settlement of real estate transactions, for the referral of inspections or for inclusion on a list of recommended inspectors, preferred providers, or similar arrangements.
  • Inspectors shall not receive compensation for an inspection from more than one party unless agreed to by the customer(s).
  • Inspectors shall not accept compensation, directly or indirectly, for recommending contractors, services, or products to inspection customers or other parties having an interest in inspected properties.
  • Inspectors shall not repair, replace, or upgrade, for compensation, systems or components covered by ASHI Standards of Practice, for one year after the inspection.
  • Inspectors shall act in good faith toward each customer and other interested parties.
  • Inspectors shall perform services and express opinions based on genuine conviction and only within their areas of education, training, or experience.
  • Inspectors shall be objective in their reporting and not knowingly understate or overstate the significance of reported conditions.
  • Inspectors shall not disclose inspection results or customer information without customer approval.
  • Inspectors, at their discretion, may disclose observed immediate safety hazards to occupants exposed to such hazards, when feasible.
  • Inspectors shall avoid activities that may harm the public, discredit themselves, or reduce public confidence in the profession.
  • Advertising, marketing, and promotion of inspectors' services or qualifications shall not be fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Inspectors shall report substantive and willful violations of this Code to the Society.