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Home Seller Pre-listing Inspections

When meeting with some real estate agents, I am surprised to hear they did not realize that Mirowski Inspections performed pre-listing or home seller inspections. True, the majority of inspections we do perform are for the buyer after a contract has been put in place. However, recently we have been seeing more and more pre-listing inspections being scheduled and it is easy to understand why. Selling a home can be fairly stressful, emotional, and at times scary. Having a home inspection prior to listing offers a host of benefits and peace of mind with little upfront cost. When sellers have a pre-listing inspection, they can get ahead of any issues a buyer may find and reduce the stress of the “unknown” and the likelihood of a deal falling through.

Benefits Of Pre-Listing Inspections - Home Inspector Springfield MOBenefits Of Pre-Listing Inspections

1. Reduces Stress

Most stress occurs when you are not prepared. Inspecting your home before you list it will allow you to get a clear picture about the state of the home, gain information, and address any major issues including any problems that may derail a sale. You also have the ability to work within your time-frame reducing the stress from rushing to fix issues after a contract is in place.

2. Saves Money

It is not uncommon for buyers to use repair items found on a home inspection and ask for a reduced price. Often these reductions are based on estimates that can be inflated due to lack of time to accurate repair bids. Pre-listing inspections help minimize issues and save the seller money because you typically will pay less for repairs if you do them in advance.

Benefits Of Pre-Listing Inspections - Home Inspector Springfield MO3. Helps Market The Home

Sellers that have prelisting inspections have a much better understanding of the home and can price and market it accordingly. Ask your Mirowski Inspections home inspector for a colored hard copy of the inspection report and when people are looking at your house they will see you have taken care to sell the home in the best condition possible as well as see you addressed any issues in advance which adds trust and confidence.

4. Speeds Up The Selling Process

Getting your house in the best shape possible by fixing any issues can help sellers increase their property value, speed up the sales process, and avoid timely and stressful renegotiations. If a buyer knows you have had the home pre-inspected, they feel more comfortable making an offer. Further, if repairs are already made and/or identified, you can list the home with confidence and demonstrate that the home is in great shape and worth the price you are asking.

Prelistings inspections can be customized for each client. Some clients prefer the full inspection with a report, others a simple home consultation to create their own “honey do” list of home repairs.  For a list of all our inspection services, check out our web page service page or give us a call at 417-873-9517.

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