Protect Your Investment

ROOF INSPECTIONS- MIROWSKI INSPECTIONS-SPRINGFIELD MO Steve ScottAs a buyer of a new home, the inspection of a prospective property can be compared to going on a blind or first date.   You have probably seen some pictures (usually the most flattering), but you will likely have many unanswered questions.

Will you and your home be a good fit?

Will the home meet your non-negotiable criteria?

What does it look like without its “make-up”?

Has it had a hard life? And can it recover?

A property inspection is a prime opportunity to educate yourself about your prospective property before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying it.  We look for the answers to the tough questions.  Most people wouldn’t get married before knowing their potential spouse or buying a car without knowing the history.  Remember, the property is being presented for ‘sale’ and is acting on its best behavior.  You want a thorough inspection to understand and protect your investment.

Buyers Home Inspections - Mirowski Inspections Springfield MOBuyers Inspections

Most home inspections are performed when a home changes ownership and are most often paid for by the buyer of that homeA Buyers Inspection is typically the best solution for a home buyer wanting to make an intelligent cost-effective decision.  The contracting of a non-biased inspector helps a buyer answer several unknowns concerning the physical condition of the home.   With Mirowski Inspections, you are welcome to accompany your inspector as he walks around and through the home and your questions are always welcome.

Buying a house may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions. Choosing Mirowski Inspections means choosing someone you can trust to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the home’s major systems and components—honestly and objectively, apart from anyone’s interests other than your own.

Professional, Experienced, And Courteous Home Inspections

On the day of your home inspection, you can expect:

  • A professional, experienced and courteous home inspector to perform a visual examination of the home’s accessible and installed systems, at this point in time.
  • The home inspector will provide their professional opinion on the home’s condition, and highlight the home’s components that are deemed significantly deficient, unsafe or near the end of their life.
  • To receive an emailed copy of the home inspector’s written and well-documented report. This report will include photographs, illustrations and be presented in an easy-to-read format in order to eliminate any guesswork and provide you with a great basis for a home buying decision.