Commercial Inspections and Consultations

Commercial buildings aren’t just larger than single-family homes; they’re also far more complex. That’s why buyers, owners, and tenants turn to Mirowski Inspections, LLC to assess their property condition.   Our certified inspectors have experience evaluating and providing valuable information about what to expect, as well as maintenance and repairs needs, on various types of business facilities including apartment complexes, hotels, office buildings, manufacturing, and distribution centers.  Commerical applications include site review or pre-construction, investigative problem solving, and consultations, 203K Inspections, and draw inspections on new construction.  Mirowski Inspection also partners with relocation companies throughout the United States.

When it comes to commercial real estate you need a commercial inspection service that is experienced, qualified, efficient and accurate. Whether looking to buy, invest, or add an additional commercial property or industrial building to your inventory, we are your inspection team.

What We Do

Like in Residential inspections, a Mirowski Inspections commercial consultation is a comprehensive review of the building and its systems.

All Commercial Property Condition Assessments are not the same. In fact, reports will vary substantially based on the particular information our customers require.  We offer a wide variety of inspections to suit your individual and corporate needs.

During the evaluation, a commercial real estate inspector (or a team of inspectors, depending upon the size of your property) will start by examining the following building components:




Structural Components

Electrical System

Plumbing System

Heating System

Central Air Conditioning System

Insulation and Ventilation System

Our Most Valuable Asset

Our clients are our most valuable asset, and we strive to offer the most professional inspection experience that can be offered.  We are the primary choice of many top executives for documentation and protection of their investments. Our highly experienced inspectors and staff bring years of on the job training and continuous education.  In addition, the analysis equipment we utilize on our inspections are comprised of the latest in technology. When you put the two together you can be confident that you are getting the most thorough evaluation of the building being inspected.

Because commercial facilities vary so widely, our inspection fee is based on factors such as how the property is used (industrial, warehouse, apartments, retail, office, medical, etc.), the estimated time the evaluation will take, and how many inspectors will be needed. When you call, please be prepared to tell us the building’s approximate age and square footage, how many HVAC systems it has, and the total number of tenants.