Professional Commercial Inspections & Infrared Scans

Mirowski Inspections is a professional commercial inspection service provider in Springfield, MO. We offer commercial services and infrared scans to observe and report the condition of buildings, protecting your investment and budget for repairs. Our Level 2 certified infrared team provides non-destructive testing and verification to help customers reduce production downtime, reduce hazards, increase performance, and increase the bottom line.

Advantages of Infrared Inspections

Infrared enables us to see and measure heat, allowing us to identify problems in the building and component electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and waterproofing systems. Our infrared team is staffed with Level 2 thermographers, and recorded thermal images can be easily inserted into reports and emailed, greatly facilitating communications.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Infrared helps you find your potential failures before they occur.  They are quick, economical, and efficient.

Planning repairs on a scheduled basis, rather than having unexpected breakdowns, helps maintenance dollars go further.

Lower Insurance Rates

Many insurance companies recommend or require annual infrared inspections.  Some insurance companies will reduce annual premiums if periodic infrared inspections are conducted

Improve Safety

Unexpected accidents from electrical and mechanical failures that may result in fires, explosions, or other catastrophic failures result in many accidents annually.  Infrared inspections help reduce these unexpected accidents

Reduce Loss of Production

By locating potential equipment problems during infrared inspections and performing repairs, loss of production may be reduced and sometimes totaled eliminated.