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We cover Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding communities. Protect the largest investment you may ever make.  Have a professional home inspection by Mirowski Inspections.

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News-Leader Feature on Mirowski Inspections
Our experience with Mirowski Inspections was exceptional. They did a VERY thorough job looking over our new home and provided simple and clear advice on what we needed to have repaired. I was blown away by how fast the full report was in my hand! From the initial phone call to the final report, the experience was flawless! I highly recommend Mirowski Inspections! Kevin B (Google)

An Unbiased Resource

There are many home inspection companies.  What makes us different?

1.  Experience. Taking apart homes both new and old, Mirowski Inspections has a wide range of experience. We’ve done the work.  Compared to most home inspectors,  we know a great deal about construction practices, new and old, have a better idea of what lies under the floors and behind the walls.  We can also tell the difference between a major repair and something small you can fix yourself.

2.  People Skills.  Walk along with us and ask questions.  We want our customers to understand how their building works,  how to maintain it, and how to keep it improving in value.  We do our best to explain things so that anyone can understand, whether you’re an engineer, a neurosurgeon, a poet, a salesperson, or a stay-at-home mom.  If you want technical details, we’ll give you technical details.  If you just want the big picture, that’s OK too.  We’ll also try to keep it interesting, including a little history of architecture and building practice, so you don’t fall asleep in the middle.

3.  Ethical Excellence.    TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.  It’s that simple.  We keep our appointment book filled by treating people fairly, and by doing the best job we know how to do.

4.  Thinking Ahead.  We want every Mirowski Inspection client to become a client for life and want Mirowski Inspections to be the home inspection company you think of when you have a question about your home.  Think of us as an unbiased resource.  You’re welcome to call or email anytime, for any reason.  We hope you’ll think of our great home inspection as just the beginning of a great relationship.

5.  Professional Consulting Services.  Questions about a repair estimate or a remodeling project?  We’ll review projects and contractor specifications.  We also provide design/build consulting, project oversight, in-process inspections, and more.  Just ask!