Satisfied Customers

Today’s customers are looking for solutions and experiences that resonate with them personally, from the moment they learn about a company on through every step of the buyer journey. The pressure is on for companies to deliver on (and exceed) these expectations.

Although our company is on the preferred inspector list of nearly every major Real Estate brokerage in the Springfield Area, some individual Realtors don’t like to refer our company.  They think we’re TOO thorough.  That’s okay with us — in fact, customer satisfaction is the secret of our success.  Satisfied customers refer us to their friends and families, again and again.  Mirowski Inspections wants to be your inspector for life!

Thank You For Your Referral!

Almost 90 % of our customers hire us because of a referral. Whether the referral is from family, friends, attorneys, bankers, realtors, and/or insurance agents, those referring us trust us to look out for your best interest and want you to have the best inspection experience available.   Some of our customers also find us through great Realtors.

Your best Realtors know that a thorough and professional inspection is in EVERYONE’S best interest.   A good inspection protects the buyer,  seller, the inspector, and the Realtor from problems in the future.  Mirowski Inspections and their team of inspectors always provide a detailed and unbiased inspection, which is good for everyone involved — buyers, sellers, and Realtors alike.