Press Release-That Dog Gone Mold!

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Press Release-That Dog Gone Mold!

SPRINGFIELD MO; May 16, 2016 – Mirowski Inspections, a premier home and commercial inspection company, refers their trust in a local mold detection and remediation company, Dog Gone Mold.

“We have had offered mold swab and indoor air quality samples for years which are sent to a certified lab.” says Steve Mirowski, owner of Mirowski Inspections, “It is our practice to call out areas of concern where fungus is present or moisture is apparent, however, our testing for mold is sent to an outside lab.  It has been a pleasure getting to know James with Dog Gone Mold and we respect their specialized approach to detection and remediation.”

Dog Gone Mold is a local company founded in Kansas City.  Their team of experts will assess the entire home for evidence of mold and can give a bid, to remediate while on site.  All of their processes are with your safety in mind.  They seal the work area so that spores do not spread, run air scrubbers to trap spores, treat all surfaces to effectively “seal” and encapsulate the area as well as remove and properly dispose of all infected materials.  The products they use are all natural, organic and in accordance with Federal safety regulations while being environmentally safe.

Mold Detection and Remediation Referral

The name, Dog Gone Mold, is a representation of their mold sniffing beagle!  Mason is a certified mold detection dog that was trained by the same kennel that trains bomb dogs and drug dogs for the government.  These dogs are amazing, in fact, statistically, the dogs are more accurate than air samples due to their sensitive nose.  A dog can also detect mold inside a wall without invasive means.

Mirowski Inspections has been performing inspections for 16+ years and is certified with ASHI accreditation.  They inspect homes and commercial buildings, perform termite inspections and environmental testing to include radon testing, mold sampling, indoor air quality, lead paint sampling,and asbestos as well as septic inspections,  well inspections and water quality testing.  Mirowski employees 6 inspectors and 3 office personnel at this time and are actively interviewing to expand.

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