Using Drones Video for Real Estate

Almost every property buyer today begins their search online so it is critical to stand out from the rest of the pack. Drone Real Estate Videos are perfect tools to help feature your listing and connect your potential buyers to a property.

Drone real estate videos help differentiate property listings using high-quality photography and video.  Dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, lakes, vistas and views of the home take you right to the front door to welcome your buyers home. These videos are perfect for unique landscapes and acreage as it allows the buyer see the complete setting and gives them a virtual tour not only of the home but the amazing landscapes around it.

If you are a Realtor, you know how important presentation is. Our expertise in flying drones and getting great shots however,  is just half of the scope.  These pictures will be used to create a video experience set to music to post on your site and online marketing content.  Mirowski Inspections will also post to our site, and YouTube accounts helping your SEO and web visibility. But, if you only want the raw footage, just let us know and you can publish as best suits you.

Contact us for an  InspecTour™  Drone quote today!This is an example of a real estate video tour.  All tours are custom designed to the agent's specifications and can feature both exterior and interior shots.