Roof Inspections with InspecTour™ Drone Inspections

Inspecting the roof of your potential home is an important step to gathering the right information and preparing yourself for any needed repairs or even replacement.  However, what happens if your roof is too steep or unsafe for the inspector to walk?  Mirowski Inspections offers InspecTour™ Drone Roof Inspections just for these situations (and many more).When you book your inspection, it is always great to understand any potential hurdles the inspector may face so they are equipped with all the needed tools to inspect special circumstances like a tall, inaccessible roof.  Still, if the inspector arrives to the property and determines that accessing the roof is unsafe, a drone ticket will be called into the office and in most cases, the roof will then be photographed within 48 hours.

A roof inspection via drone is a safe way to get a close look at your roof and the images that we get are extremely detailed.

Drone Roof Consults

Need to get a view of what may be going on with your roof but do not feel very comfortable walking the roof?   Mirowski Inspections offers Drone Roof consults to help the homeowner see in real time what the condition of their roof is.  This is a perfect way to "walk the roof" with your inspector and pinpoint problem areas.  After the inspection, the home owner will be emailed a copy  of the video for their home maintenance needs.  Drone Roof inspections are also ideal after a hail/wind/snow storm.