Preventative Maintenance with Electrical Infrared Scans

Electrical infrared scanning is a preventative maintenance process that helps identify potential issues in electrical equipment before they become major problems. By using infrared scanning to detect excess heat, which is often the first sign of trouble, you can quickly pinpoint electrical systems problems, reduce downtime and equipment damage, prevent costly system failures, establish repair priorities, improve preventive maintenance efficiency, and detect advanced and emerging issues.

The Benefits

The benefits of an electrical panel infrared scan are numerous. This non-invasive and nondestructive process allows the inspection to be performed without interrupting system production. It can also be conducted while the electrical system is operating normally to obtain the clearest possible image of what is happening with the system. Furthermore, infrared electrical scans can detect not only advanced issues but emerging ones as well, and they can work on areas that would be difficult for an inspector to physically reach.

Insurance Requirements

Some insurance companies require a yearly infrared scan inspection as it can help find problems before they cause damage to personnel, equipment, or the facility. The inspection report documents any electrical problems detected in the inspection as well as an inventory of the system components. By pinpointing issues via electrical thermal imaging, you can prevent damage to equipment and any hazards that could cause harm to workers. The process also prevents productivity losses by identifying components that need to be replaced before they break down and cause a shutdown.

Electrical infrared inspections are typically conducted on an annual basis as part of a regular preventive maintenance program. The return on investment of an electrical panel infrared scan is always high since a failure can be tens of thousands of dollars, and a catastrophic failure can cost millions. An electrical thermal scan is a great supplement to an arc flash study. Facilities engineers can avoid costly expenses every year with infrared electrical surveys.

Don't wait for a system failure or equipment damage to occur. Learn how electrical infrared scanning can help you identify potential issues before they become major problems. Contact us today to schedule an electrical panel infrared scan.