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Steve Mirowski ASHI Certified Inspector


We love our home’s patio but it gets pretty hot in the summer.  Is there a way to provide some shade to our patio without major construction?


There are many different choices for covering your patio from professionally built structures to simple do-it-yourself kits all of which can give you more days on your patio.  Here are a few options and ideas that you can choose from.
Sails and Umbrellas:  A lower cost, easy way to cover a patio is with a “sail.” Made of canvas and often waterproof sails can be a great rain and sun shelter. Attached to an arbor or to supporting poles they are easy to install and remove if necessary. With many styles and colors umbrellas are also a low cost, easy choice. They won’t cover the whole patio however.
Arbors:  The most common type of patio cover is the arbor. Arbors are normally simple structures made of columns with overhead frame work of beams and sometimes latticework. They often support other coverings such as vines and plants such as orchids. While arbors cool a patio they won’t keep the rain out.
Awnings: More expensive but sturdy and convenient, power or manually operated awnings are an easy up/down way to shelter and shade your patio.
Professionally Built:  The most durable and permanent covers are framed with a roof and attached to the house. These covers can have varied ceiling height and roofs as well as numerous column styles. They can also support lighting and other add-ons such as ceiling fans and water misting systems.  While they can be a great addition to your home the cost is much higher for this type of cover.

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