Hire An Inspection Company To Inspect Home Projects

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Steve Scott
Inspector Manager
Mirowski Inspections


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Do You See It?

How do you know it’s right?  Many people have a home inspection for a new purchase.  Did you know you can also hire an inspection company to inspect remodeling jobs, additions, or home improvements?

Qualified To Inspect

Home improvement projects are expensive.  Current materials are engineered to last 15 years plus, so ensure that they’re installed correctly.  A dangerous job is one not performed correctly.  A warranty is void if not installed per manufacturer recommendations.  A home inspector is qualified to inspect your personal projects home improvement projects, because a home inspector sees a home in all phases.  Improperly installed plumbing and electrical are dangerous.  A deck without the proper fasteners, anchoring, or load distribution is dangerous.

A Good Balance

A good balance of a code of ethics and common sense can protect you and your investment.   Let Mirowski Inspections monitor your home health.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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