How Long Should My Home Inspection Take?

How long does a home inspection Take?

On average, a home inspection will take between two and four hours. After the inspection, the inspector will typically spend another one to three hours compiling the report and researching any item to help them better prepare the home buyer or provide detail on any findings.

There are many variables that affect the time an inspection will take.

1. Size of the home
2. Number of systems to be inspected, one or multiple HVAC systems, number of electrical main and sub panels, number of water heaters, wells, water softeners and filters, pools and spas, and multiple kitchens will all add to the inspection time.
3. Condition and age of the property
4. Access to areas to be inspected, crawl space and attic for example.
5. Weather conditions, rain, snow or extreme heat can slow the inspection time.
6. Additional service needs- Septic, Termite, Radon, Mold…
7. State requirements.
8. The amount of question the client has during the inspection
9.  The number of people attending the inspection.

There are many opinions length of time an inspection should take. But don’t let your home inspector rush.   A home is a huge investment and you should expect a good return on your investment. If you do not have all the facts up front it reduces your ability to negotiate the sale price and could cost you more in repairs later.

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