Home Repair Quick Tip #1 – Sticking Closet Door

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I Love Lists.   Throughout the day my desk becomes scattered with the list of things I need to do, want to do, how to help my customers, or simply remember.  My lists keep me on task, drive my goals, help provide solutions, and more often than not, revive my memory.

One of my favorite list is a list of Quick Tips on home repair, home improvements and many do-it-yourself projects.  While my resources come from several different sources, my favorites were adopted by Steve Mirowski’s friend from Wisconsin, Mr. Fix-it, Tom Feiza.  Tom became a mentor of Steve’s in 2000 when he first opened Mirowski Inspections in Fond du Lac, WI.  Like Steve, Tom is a Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors and shares the belief that a “hands-on” experience will provide you with an inspection that offers practical solutions if problems are found.

Here is a Home Repair Quick tip.   Love your list… Make things happen!




Home Repair Quick Tip #1 — Sticking Closet Door

We’ve all experienced those sliding closet doors that stick and rub. Did you know there is a simple fix?Bypass Sliding Door Adjustment Mirowski Inspections Home Repair Quick Tip

All sliding closet doors hang from a horizontal metal rail. Rollers fastened to the top of the door fit into a J-shaped track above. By adjusting the roller bracket, you can raise or lower the door.

The key is to understand how your particular door’s bracket needs to be adjusted. As the illustration shows, you’ll be looking for one or more screws within a slot. Loosen the screw(s), and then tip, turn or slide the bracket to raise or lower the roller.

Often you will find that loose screws in the bracket have allowed the door to drop or tip. Inspect the clearance between the door and the bottom guide, and make sure the door’s edge is parallel to the vertical door frame. Once you’ve found the proper roller setting and clearance, the door will operate properly. (Don’t forget to tighten the screws once you’ve made the adjustment.)




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