Home Safety: DIY Safety

Home Safety: DIY Safety

It’s Spring and around our neighborhood there is a bustle of activity.  Lawns are getting mowed, landscaping is being refreshed, and gardens are going in.  Others are emptying out garages and assembling new storage options to help with their new year “let’s get organized” goals.   And with the internet, and you tube, projects that once needed hours or research or a handyman to complete now can be completed on our own.    So, if you are adventuring out to the world of DIY- here’s what may be the best tip of all—pay attention to what you are doing. Work deliberately and thoughtfully, considering always the possible reaction to your action! Here’s a list of things to pay attention to from your friends at Mirowski Inspections.


-The distance from the base of the wall to the base of the ladder should be 1/4 the height of the ladder. Most ladders have a graphic on the side to help you determine if the ladder is set at the proper angle.

-Make sure the ladder’s foot pads are secure on the ground. Shim them if necessary.MIROWSKI INSPECTIONS-INSPECTORS YOU CAN TRUST-SPRINGFIELD MO

-Test the ladder to be sure it will not shift. If necessary, tie it off to keep it in place.

-Keep all ladders—especially metal ladders—away from electrical lines and pay attention to overhead lines when moving an extended ladder into position.

-Never attempt to stretch while on a ladder. If you can’t reach, move the ladder.

-Only use a ladder that is in good condition.

Lawn Mowers
-Don’t give children rides on a mower. In fact, it’s best to keep kids entirely out of the area while the lawn is being mowed.-Wear sturdy shoes.

-Wear eye and ear protection. Add a dust mask if you have allergies.

-Keep an eagle eye out for any debris that could be picked up and thrown by the blade.

-Never use your hand to dislodge an object caught in the blade, even if the engine is off and the sparkplug is pulled. That’s because the blade may be under tension and will spring forward when the blockage is removed.

-Always refuel outdoors, not in a garage or shed. Allow the engine to cool before refueling.

-When mowing slopes, mow side to side with walk-behind mowers, go up and down the slope with a riding mower.

-Avoid mowing steep slopes—plant groundcovers instead!

Hand and Power Tools

-Always wear safety glasses when using any power tool. Wear safety glasses when using a hammer or drill.

-Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for using their tools and materials.

-Dull tools are unsafe and can harm the work. Maintain your tools. Always work with sharp cutting blades.

-Unplug power tools before loading them, changing blades or bits, or making adjustments.

-Never use any power tool in the rain.

-Never alter or remove the blade guard on a power saw.

-Always wear proper clothing and safety equipment on the work site.

-Keep children and pets away from the work area and power tools, as well as away from harmful materials, adhesives, and solvents.

-Keep a clean work site and don’t let debris accumulate.

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