One of the most common problems home inspectors find are leaks developed around the shower head.  This is seemingly simple do it yourself project can result in nagging drips, gallons of wasted water, higher energy cost, and worse yet – if it drips inside your wall, dry rot, mold, and structural problems.    Here are some simple guidelines from do-it-yourself guru Danny Lipford of www.todayshomeowner to help make your shower head switch a success.

To replace a showerhead:

    1. Unscrew the old showerhead in a counterclockwise direction using pliers or a strap wrench.C
    2. Clean the threads on the shower stem pipe.
    3. Wrap the threads on the pipe with Teflon plumber’s tape in a clockwise direction (two rotations or more).
    4. Screw the new showerhead on the pipe threads in a clockwise direction until hand tight.
    5. Tighten the showerhead further using a strap wrench or pliers padded with a rag or piece of flat rubber to prevent marring. Don’t damage the showerhead or pipe by over tightening.
    6. Turn on the showerhead and check the pipe threads for leaks.

Watch this video to find out more:

How to Install a showerhead

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