Infrared Moisture Scans for Building and Roof Inspections

Mirowski Inspections offers non-destructive infrared moisture scans, a technique that utilizes thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture accumulation or leaks in buildings or roofs. By capturing images of the surface temperature of the inspected area, we analyze and identify the presence of moisture or water damage, which can cause structural damage, mold growth, and energy losses.

Infrared moisture scans are useful for due diligence during property acquisition, final acceptance of new construction, or when leaks or moisture problems are suspected. By detecting subtle temperature differences and patterns that reveal the existence of water, our thermal imaging cameras can help detect and prevent moisture problems before they become major issues.

At Mirowski Inspections, we use thermal imaging cameras with high resolution and thermal sensitivity to detect moisture issues. Our infrared moisture scans are especially useful for low-slope or flat commercial roofs, where water can accumulate without being easily visible. Wet roofing insulation holds onto heat longer than dry material, which creates an image that shows the extent of moisture problems within the roofing system. However, it’s important to note that not all commercial roofing materials are suitable for thermographic scans, including roofs with insulation below the deck and a layer of ventilation, those with concrete decks, certain insulation types, white roofs, and those with foil-faced insulation assemblies.

By investing in an infrared moisture scan, property owners can prevent costly structural damage, mold growth, and energy losses. Our non-destructive infrared moisture scans are a valuable tool for property owners and managers, and can help detect and prevent moisture issues before they become major problems. Contact Mirowski Inspections today to learn more about our infrared moisture scan services.