About Mirowski Inspection Services Springfield MO

Protect Your Time, Your Family, and Your Investment

Choosing the right real estate inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not meet us until after you hire us.  Different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods and pricing. A home inspection requires work — a lot of work. Ultimately, a thorough inspection depends most on the individual inspector’s personal effort. Mirowski Inspections, LLC in Springfield MO uses the latest technologies, provides detailed inspection reports that are easy to understand, and delivers a superior customer service experience. Our goal is to protect your time, your family, and your investment and we want to be the inspection company you think of when you have a question about your home, building, or investment property.

Your Home Inspector For Life

Mirowski Inspections hopes you’ll think of our great inspection services as just the beginning of a great relationship. We are an unbiased resource meaning we put your needs first, not our own personal preferences.  We want your inspection process to be about you and what you are seeking to accomplish and together can create an inspection that best fits your service needs.

Our customers are also welcome to call or email anytime, for any reason. We think of you as family and want to be your home inspector for life.

Our comprehensive inspection is detailed & thorough and will give you a clear and concise report on the condition of your home. We work exclusively for you.
We also carry a Supra Lockbox key, Insurance, and Workers Compensation.

What Makes Us Different?

Experience: Mirowski Inspections employees seven (7) full-time home inspectors with thousands of hours of field experience and specialized practices from the foundation to roof. We’ve done the work and compared to most home inspectors, we know a great deal about construction practices, new and old, have a better idea of what lies under the floors and behind the walls. We can also tell the difference between a major repair and something small you can fix yourself.
People Skills: One of Mirowski Inspections goals is that our customers understand how their home or building systems work, how to maintain it, and how to keep it improving in value. We do our best to explain things so that anyone can understand. Whether you’re an Engineer, a Neurosurgeon, a Poet, a Salesperson, or a Stay-At-Home mom we have you covered. If you want technical details, we’ll give you technical details. If you just want the big picture, that’s ok too. We’ll also try to keep it interesting, including a little history of architecture and building practice, so you don’t fall asleep in the middle. We learned long ago the basic principles of providing good service. We practice the “Golden rule” -treat others as you would like to be treated and treat you like a close friend or family member.

Why Choose Mirowski Inspections For Your Springfield MO Inspection?

Three big reasons are what truly set us apart, not to mention we also have a unique set of services that will meet all your inspection needs.
Why Mirowski Inspections(1) Our Inspectors:
The biggest benefit of hiring Mirowski Inspections is the well-trained and professional inspectors. Our inspectors are constantly upgrading their education and training to stay up to date on technology advancements and continuously changing systems.

(2) Our Technology: Infrared inspection (also known as Thermography) is a key diagnostic tool for thorough home inspections. Infrared inspections are a non-invasive, non-contact and cost-effective way to detect and document defects.

(3) Our Customer Service: From a dedicated customer service team to inspectors well versed in customer service, our team will make sure you walk away with a confident and complete understanding of your home inspection’s outcome.