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Our Home Inspectors Go the Extra Mile

Hiring an inspector who does an exceptional job over someone who just does a good – or even worse, mediocre job – might seem more expensive initially, but they can actually save you hundreds, thousands, or occasionally even tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs (or lost value).

From the time we were launched in 2000, Mirowski Inspections, LLC, has led the industry by pioneering the use of infrared scanning technologies combined with traditional home inspection techniques.  When you hire Mirowski Inspections, you get a certified inspector that gives you a thorough education on your investment and how you should maintain it, versus one who does just enough to rule out serious problems.

"I am an engineer and own and operate a property inspection firm. In December of 2015, I met many of the professionals from Mirowski Inspections at a training course for Radon measurement. I was tremendously impressed by the knowledge and expertise of Mr. Mirowski and his team. I would recommend their services to anyone in the Springfield area, as they are extremely professional. "  William B

Training and Certifications

A home consists of many complex components including structural framing, physical components, electrical, plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems.

Be sure to retain a home inspection company with top credentials, like Mirowski Inspections. Mirowski Inspections takes education, training, and self-development very seriously.  Our home inspectors have made the decision to make effective learning as the foundation to their inspection service.  If you want your home inspection conducted by a professional be sure that your home inspector not only belongs to a reputable certification organization like American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) but they invest in continuous education and training to ensure you get the very best inspection possible.

Home inspectors come in various shapes and sizes with a multitude of backgrounds.  Be sure that the home inspection company you retain has professional affiliations, such as ASHI. Members of ASHI need to meet tough entrance requirements, are highly qualified in the home inspection profession, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Mirowski Inspections Service Goals

  1. Deliver Outstanding Service
  2. Pursue Growth and Learning
  3. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communications
  4. Provide State of the Art Inspections Using The Best Technologies
  5. Build a Positive and Passionate Team

Our team’s experience and professionalism will convince you that you have made the right choice.   We look harder at your dream home, and we ALWAYS have our customer’s best interests at heart.   We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to understand your needs and deliver you the service you deserve from the first phone call to follow up visits when required.


Mirowski Inspection carries:

  • Full Business Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Real Estate Agent Referral Protection

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