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6 Instagram accounts you’ll love if you’re in real estate

From the glamorous to the absurd, these accounts will lift your spirits and provide useful information

When I started as an agent in this field, I knew I had to provide a cutting edge to my clients that no other broker would have. I graduated school many years ago — but I never stop learning. The best thing you can provide to your clients that sets you apart is your insight and knowledge.

Reading all the real estate books out there was a little overwhelming for me. That’s when I decided that I needed to get my daily dose of real estate knowledge in the app I check the most: Instagram.

Check out these accounts, and you too will feel like you’ve been an industry vet for years and years.

1. For the deal-driven agent: @TradedNY@TradedMiami@TradedLA 

Traded is the one-stop-shop for brokers both commercial and residential, landlords, and service providers to gain insight into the latest closings or relevant market transactions. Each post specifically details every aspect of a transaction from representing broker to price per square foot.

Meridian Capital Group was the first company to jump on board and advertise with the account that now has over 29,000 loyal followers.

What’s to come in 2020 for this growing page? More million-dollar deals, new stomping grounds like Miami (@TradedMiami) and Los Angeles (@TradedLA) and more advertising and partnership opportunities.

2. For the luxury agent: @Luxury_Listings

Beware! You’ll spend hours and hours scrolling through this account, and won’t know where all the time went.

Luxury_Listings showcases the top residential homes for the elite. Covering luxe listings from Bel Air to Moscow, the account gives you the first look at some of these multimillion dollar homes that you’ll be dying to bring your clients by.

Insider tip: Brokers use this as a way to find the “top shelf” of luxury listings because all the posts are up to date and usually include the listing agent.

3. For the agent who needs a good laugh: @TheBrokeAgent 

I have concluded that the meme culture will never die — even in 2020. It’s scary how relatable this account is.

Almost every time I come across one of their posts, a fellow coworker or industry friend has already tagged me in it. The CEO and founder Eric Simon is not all about fun and games though.

He launched an e-book/coffee table book, and he speaks the universal language of all real estate brokers. Simon put a hold on his full-time real estate career in 2015 as an agent in Los Angeles to primarily focus on the content creation for this account.

4. For the savvy apartment deal you didn’t know you needed: @StreetEasy 

If you’re based in New York City, I’m sure you’re all on StreetEasy multiple times a day, but did you know its Instagram account features top listing deals too? Posts include shoutouts to agents and brokers, plus they include coverage of the apartments in their Instagram stories, from the kitchen all the way to the outdoor space. I think they do a great job of choosing unconventional listings and not your typical cookie-cutter apartment.

5. For the new development lover: @SkyscraperEngineering

As we know, staying on top of the latest real estate news is super important. But what if you could discover something that doesn’t even exist yet?

@SkyscraperEngineering features renderings of the newest developments all over the world. It covers the latest architecture, construction and real estate from a “pregrowth” perspective. So next time a client looks across the street (from the new apartment that they’ll be signing with you soon) and asks you about that big construction site and what’s about to be built, you could educate them.

6. For the inspiration-driven agent: @ShaunRiney1

A real estate veteran himself, Shaun Riney really knows what he’s talking about.

Let me share a quote that will be my mantra this year: “You cannot wait for success to start being and feeling successful. You must start being and feeling successful, in order to get success.”

Let that sink in and re-read it 100 times, because the entire world is reserved for those that can break through this epiphany. “Act as if you’re three years more senior and experienced than you are. Act as if  you’re already a real estate investor buying your own deals as you prepare your pitches and proposals.”

Who are you following? Share in the comments section below.

Elana Delafraz is a licensed real estate salesperson with REAL New York. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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