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Effective April 22, 2010, any renovation of homes built before 1978 with children under 6, day care centers, and learning facilities with children under 6 must be done by "Certified LBP Contractors" and they must follow a set of published procedures. This is for any work exceeding 6 Sq. Ft of demolition on more than 20 Sq. Ft of painting per room.

Part of the procedures is for the "Certified LBP Contractors" included LBP dust sampling. The contractor can do his/her own sampling at the beginning or as part of the clearance testing.   You can get more information in EPA pamphlet Renovate Right,

US Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control publishes “Lead Paint Safety-A Field Guide for Painting, Home Maintenance, and Renovation Work” a step by step guide to help understand the basics of Lead Paint.  Currently, Mirowski Inspection does not test for lead paint so please remember these principles:

1. ASSUME: Paint in Homes Built Before 1978 Contains Lead

  • Exposing Anyone to Dust, Especially Children is Bad

2. CHECK: Federal, State, and Local Regulations

  • OSHA has rules for worker safety
  • EPA and your local community have rules for waste disposal

3. AVOID: Creating Dust or Spreading Dust

  • Use low dust work practices (for example, mist surfaces with water before sanding or scraping)
  • Cover area under work with durable protective sheeting (plastic or poly)
  • Keep dust contained in immediate work area

4. PROTECT:  Occupants. Particularly Children.  Keep them away from work area

  • Cleanup work site before they return


  • Wear proper respiratory protection for lead dust
  • Keep clean
  • Don’t take dust home

5. CLEAN UP: After All Work

  • Cleanup is particularly important if painted surfaces were broken or wall cavities were opened
  • Take dust wipe samples to make sure that it is safe for children to return

6. MAINTAIN: A Dry Building

  • Moisture problems can cause paint failure, building deterioration, and encourage pests

All Painted Surfaces

  • Well-maintained paint generally does not pose a health risk

Clean and Cleanable Surfaces

  • Keep floors and painted surfaces smooth
  • Damp mop them often
  • Clean rugs and carpet well