Should I Attend My Home Inspection?

Should I Attend My Home Inspection?

A home inspection is one of the few services that you will contract without a lot of knowledge of how they inspect, what they inspect, their background, experience and etc.  This is partly due to the limited time available to book an inspection after you go under contract, and then to the limited amount of data that is available concerning the home inspection process.  Therefore, we encourage our clients to attend the entire home inspection, from beginning to end. An inspection of the typical home, depending on the size and condition, and the number of questions, will take around 3-4 hours.

Each inspection is form fitted to YOU, our customer.

Ask Questions!  For first time home buyers, our home inspections provide an excellent education on home ownership and home maintenance. For the more experienced buyer, we’ll focus more on major issues and general building science. The benefits of customer attending are honestly win-win.  When the customer attends their inspection, it allows the inspector to focus on their specific concerns and help better explain conditions.  Together you and the inspector can go through everything and in turn gain a better understanding of the entire process.

Can’t Attend?

Don’t worry.  Our reports include digital photos along with helpful diagrams and illustrations.  Our inspectors will also call you after they send your report and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Still, have some concerns?  Ask about our video consultations and “Go-Pro” inspections, these are awesome tools especially for out of town clients.

If you schedule an inspection and the inspector doesn’t want you to attend, this is a big red flag.  Find another inspector.

Mirowski Inspections, LLC is a fully insured, multi-inspection company located in Springfield MO.  Owners Steve and Dana Mirowski believe in using the latest technologies, continuous education, providing detailed inspection reports that are easy to understand, and delivering a superior customer service experience. The Mirowski Inspection teams goal is to protect your time, your family, and your investment and wants to be the inspection company you think of when you have a question about your home, building, or investment property.  Services include residential and commercial inspectionsenvironmental testing and drone inspectour™imaging

Service you deserve and an inspection you can trust!

Dana Mirowski

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