Preliminary Buyer Walkthroughs- AKA Walk-N-Talk

Are you an interested homebuyer who needs a quick and efficient way to assess a property’s condition? Mirowski Inspections introduces a new service called Walk-N-Talk that provides a rough idea of a home’s most significant issues in just an hour or 90 minutes. Read on to learn more about this new service.

What is a Walk-N-Talk?

A Walk-N-Talk is a service offered by a licensed home inspector, Steve Mirowski, who accompanies interested homebuyers on a walkthrough of a property to highlight the home’s most prominent issues. This service is an alternative to an actual home inspection, which typically takes three to three-and-a-half hours to complete.

Why should you consider a Walk-N-Talk?

If you are an interested homebuyer in a competitive market, a Walk-N-Talk can give you a rough idea of a property’s condition and help you make an informed decision before making an offer. Walk-N-Talks are particularly helpful when there are multiple offers on a house and home inspection contingencies can be scary. This service provides peace of mind and helps ensure a smooth sale, especially in a bidding war.

The Process

Steve Mirowski starts the Walk-N-Talk by meeting the potential homebuyer at the desired property and taking a walk around the house to identify anything outside that may cost $10,000 to fix right away. He advises homebuyers to focus on significant issues over minor or cosmetic things, as interested buyers usually have one or two things they’re concerned about. If a buyer has no idea where to start, Mirowski will provide some ideas to help them concentrate their time.

The walkthroughs are generally an hour to 90 minutes long, and no report is provided. Buyers are encouraged to take photographs and notes, and the focus is on expensive items and equipment, not whether or not an outlet works or if there is a leak somewhere. Examples of significant issues include the roof being at the end of its life, major structural problems, or mold throughout the property.

Important Distinctions

It’s important to note that a Walk-N-Talk is not a substitute for a home inspection. A home inspection includes a report and a much more comprehensive home exam. Occasionally, buyers may need something in writing to negotiate, but this is not a Walk-N-Talk’s purpose. Its purpose is to address the main issues buyers will have to deal with in the next few years.

The Numbers

Mirowski Inspections’ Walk-N-Talks are $295 for an hour and $325 for 90 minutes. Scheduling is within 48 hours, but scheduling can often occur within a 24-hour period.

Customer Feedback

“I used Steve Mirowski as a walking property inspector as I viewed a property approx. 100 years old which I was considering purchasing. The consultation lasted just over an hour, and he conducted a thorough evaluation from basement to attic and roof. He asked me to take pictures of issues raised and we also noted remediation cost ranges. Following the review of remediation and upgrades needed we totaled a $70-80 K estimate. With the current property market getting offers within hours of listing I wanted an informed professional to provide a comprehensive report before making an offer as a cash buyer not using a real estate agent. Steve conducted the inspection within 24 hours of my call to his office. This pre offer inspection helped me make an informed decision. I will definitely use the same service again.”