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Resources- Order Your Inspection online with Mirowski Inspections Springfield MO

Easy Website Scheduling

In today’s fast-paced business environment ordering online has become extremely important for our customers.

Mirowski Inspections website scheduler will help locate the best date/time for your inspection and send you an immediate notification of the website order. The system will also notify us  as well  if a customer starts a website order and follow up is needed.

With the Mirowski Inspection website scheduler, each inspector’s availability shows.  This allows customers and Realtors® to easily order inspections online directly through our website

Order Online

NOTE:  Since some services are date specific and require more invasive evaluations (IE:  Septic Inspections, Well Inspections, Water Tests can only be performed on certain days of the week) these services are not on the integrated calendar.  Please feel free to schedule your home inspection and our office will call you and confirm any additional service needs.  If you have problems with the integrated calendar, please call our helpful staff at 417-873-9517 and they will help you.