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Radon Myths and Facts - Radon Inspection Springfield MORadon is a naturally occurring colorless radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it can have a big impact on your air quality and can even cause lung cancer. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been researching, and publishing facts behind radon, there are still many misconceptions about the risk, how to test, and how to correct. For additional information please visit https://www.epa.gov/radon or give Mirowski Inspections a call at 417-873-9517.

Here are some of the most common radon myths along with the actual facts:

Myth: Scientists are not sure that radon is really a problem.

Fact: Although some scientists dispute the precise number of deaths from radon, all the major health organizations agree with the estimates that radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths a year.

Myth: Radon testing devices are not reliable and difficult to find.

Fact: A reliable radon test is available from qualified radon testing companies such as Mirowski Inspections. We only use continuous radon monitors. These units gather and record radon levels accurately and reveal swings in the levels during testing.

Myth: Homes with radon cannot be fixed.

Fact: There are solutions to radon problems in a home. Systems can be installed to help homeowners achieve safe levels.

Myth: Radon only affects certain types of homes.

Fact: Whether your home is old, new, on a basement or crawlspace, radon can be present.

Myth: If your neighbor has low levels of radon, you should have low levels too.

Fact: Radon levels are different from home to home. The only way you can know if you have high levels is to test for it.

Myth: It is difficult to sell a home when radon has been discovered.

Fact: If a radon problem has been fixed with a professionally installed mitigation system, home sales should not be blocked. In fact, homes with mitigation systems offered can be good selling points.

Myth: Tested homes with low results are fine and no more testing needs to be conducted.

Fact: Since ground formation can change, the EPA recommends testing every 2 years, especially if you do not have a mitigation system installed.

We have compiled these radon myths and facts from the following sources: EPA, Certified Radon LLC and the National Lung Association.

Mirowski Inspections is a full-service, professional, home and commercial inspection company that offers radon testing. Please note that radon testing for real estate transactions, take a minimum of 48 hours. This timing should be considered when placing a contract on a home.

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