Real Estate Professional Dashboard

The biggest request we have received over the last couple years has been from professional real estate agents wanting to see inspector availability and information regarding their client's inspection on their phone or  device without having to type in all the information.  Each real estate agent has a specified URL in their  profile.  This profile will help the agent :

  • See/View all their reports via the Real Estate Agent Professional Dashboard
  • Schedule an inspection via the Real Estate Agent Professional Dashboard

Please contact us and we will send you your URL so you are able to put this direct link on smartphones, iPads, laptops, tablets, or on any smart device that has an internet connection. This will help you have a direct,quick and easy way to order an inspection, view their other inspections or update personal information (phone number, email, photo...).


  1. Easy Access: Access your dashboard right from your mobile phone, or other devices
  2. Stay Connected: With one touch, you can call or email Mirowski Inspections
  3. Simplicity: With your individual URL, real estate agents can update their own information including pictures and logos.
  4. No Hassle: Access and view previous inspection reports without any hassle or sorting.
  5. Availablity:  Quickly view inspection availability
  6. Best of all: ORDER AN INSPECTION

With the Real Estate Dashboard, it's all about easy.