After a home inspection, it is not uncommon for the home buyer to ask the seller to make repairs.   Here a few tips to help the process go a smoothly as possible.

1.  Try to avoid asking the seller to make repairs.  It's often better to ask the sellers to fund repairs or ask for the price of the home to be adjusted accordingly.  The downside to adjusting the price of the home, however, is that the buyers will need to come up with cash to make repairs.

2.  When requesting repairs, make sure everyone understands the issue(s).  An excellent home inspection report will usually be enough to make everything clear and understandable.  If there is any confusion, ask the home inspector for clarification.

3.  When requesting repairs, request building permits.  Not only does this force the seller to 'follow the rules', but it should make the buyer feel better knowing that the work was inspected by an authority, and it puts the cost of the re-inspection on to the seller's lap.

4.  When requesting repairs, be specific.  If the purchase agreement addendum is poorly written or isn't specific, the repairs won't be completed properly... if at all.   A well-written addendum may specify the problem, how the repairs should be completed, who should complete the work, and how the repairs will be verified.


When all of the above happens, a re-inspection by the original inspector probably isn't necessary, but it may still be worthwhile.

Re-inspections never hurt.  Improper repairs frequently happen no matter who does the work.  When there is any doubt in the buyer's mind as to the quality of the work being done, it may be worthwhile to have a re-inspection performed.

Licensed contractors.  If repairs are being done by licensed contractorsthe repair requests are specific,  and appropriate permits are pulled, re-inspections probably aren't necessary.  If the repairs are being done by the seller, I strongly recommend a re-inspection.


If your inspector has recommended repairs or replacement, be sure to use a reputable and certified service provider.  Since we are often asked, we have generated a list of companies that we have either done business with personally or have demonstrated quality work and service.  Please let us know if you have additional service questions or recommendations for this list.