The Seller's Advantage

Home buyers are not the only people who hire Mirowski Home Inspectors. Home sellers also use our ASHI Certified Inspectors to gain knowledge of the condition of their home before placing it on the market. Smart home sellers want to know the condition of the home, so they will be better prepared to acknowledge or correct deficiencies before placing their home on the market.

In many cases, an infrared home inspection from Mirowski Home Inspections gives the home seller a clear marketing advantage: the ability to declare the house "problem-free" by knowing in advance what the problems are and making repairs before the house goes up for sale. That means you can sell the house faster and closer to the listing price. Even if you choose not to make repairs, a pre-sale home inspection will still pay off for you. Knowing the problems in advance allows you to disclose these problems during the negotiation process and create an atmosphere of mutual trust between you and the buyer.  The more everyone knows up-front, the smoother and faster the sale will move.

The reasons for pre-listing Sellers Inspections are numerous and definitely to the seller's advantage. It is a fact in the real estate industry that having a pre-listing inspection of your home increases the chances of making a quick sale, it helps you get a higher selling price and it is beneficial in reducing stress levels due to unforeseen problems.

 An Invaluable Tool

A pre-inspection gives you an invaluable tool that you can use to promote your home to prospective buyers.  The detailed inspection report can be displayed with the sales literature, showing all the positive features in your house as well as the areas identified by the Inspector that need attention. You will be viewed as a proactive home seller by your potential buyers when you include this report with a list of your completed repairs giving your buyers a feeling of confidence and security.

With a pre-purchase Mirowski Home Inspection, you are letting the prospective buyers know that you want them to have the house in the best possible condition. You also have the opportunity to remedy any problems that the house has before it is listed.

Above all, you want to avoid the situation where a prospective buyer makes a significantly lower counter-offer after they've had their Home Inspection of your property and discovered issues that could have been repaired and remedied in advance.


What to expect at your home inspection

On the day of your home inspection, you can expect:

  • A professional, experienced and courteous home inspector to perform a visual examination of the home’s accessible and installed systems, at this point in time.
  • The home inspector will provide their professional opinion on the home’s condition, and highlight the home’s components that are deemed significantly deficient, unsafe or near the end of their life.
  • To receive an emailed copy of the home inspector’s written and well-documented report. This report will include photographs, illustrations and be presented in an easy-to-read format in order to eliminate any guesswork and provide you with a great deal of information to determine the proper asking price for your home.