Should I Attend My Home Inspection

Should I Attend My Home Inspection?

Mirowski Inspections Trusted Home Inspectors Springfield MO 4I am often asked by home buyers whether or not they should attend their home inspection. Of course! Purchasing a home is a big move and our team at Mirowski Inspections wants you to be involved, not only so you have a good idea of what we inspect but also for you to understand how the inspection process works.

Our goal at Mirowski Inspections is to give you the most thorough visual home inspection possible. We use several pieces of technology such as; moisture meters, gas leak detectors, voltage sniffers, and our infrared cameras during the inspection process. We are also equipped with reporting software that our inspectors frequently use on their phones, during the inspection. With that said, our inspectors need the time to focus and make sure we are providing the thorough inspection we have promised.


When informed home buyers will be attending the home inspection, I suggest showing up towards the end simply because, I feel this is beneficial for all involved.  When at the inspection, the home inspector uses his time to get to know the home and has the knowledge to answer any questions our customers may have.

Many home buyers work during the day and are unable to attend inspections. Don’t worry! We provide a full digital report that includes photos, within 24 hours of the inspection. If you have any questions after looking over the reports, our inspectors can be reached in between inspections via phone. Our job does not end when the inspection ends, we are your home inspectors for life!

Chelsea Hardin
Customer Service Manage

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