Tell Us Something Good



On our Monday morning commute to school, Sirius Radio’s Hits 1-The Morning Mash Up team was taking calls from listener to “tell them something good”.    It was refreshing to hear people tell of their upcoming day celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and vacation plans.  I quickly asked my kids, “tell me something good.”  Note, they are middle school children so it took some prodding,  but I soon got  the responses, “the sun is peaking through the clouds”, ”we haven’t argued the whole way to school”, and  finally, “hey, that drunk guy over there found something in that trash can.”  Ah moments of joy.

This little moment of goodness sparked an idea.  I need to start changing the way I ask questions to inspire the way the day is observed and communicated.  Instead of “How was your day today” I need to ask, “Tell me something good that happened in your day today” or “Was there something in your day that inspired you or made you laugh.”    And as I examine this thought, I can see so many areas in life where this change can make an incredible impact. For example, the “tell me something good” rule can be brought to your work place.

  • — Tell your boss how you solved a problem vs about how bad a problem is.
  • — Instead of sharing a ‘not so stellar day’ with others, tell them what you learned and how you grew from the experiences you had that day.
  • — Reach out to others and ask them share something good.

Even at Mirowski Inspections where we spend our days observing buildings, their conditions, and problems, we implemented a rule to include in our client communications, areas of the structure that are good.    We found that when you only note issues, the client experience can be much more stressful.

A few years ago I attended a Keller Williams BOLD class and I learned a quote at “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”   And Albert Einstein once observed that the most fundamental and major decision you make in your life is this, “Do I live in a friendly or hostile universe?”  These thoughts embrace the idea that you make your day what you want it to be.  So, by asking the right questions, we just might spark a change in the way people respond to their days and inspire the focus to one of gratitude vs despair.

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