The Power of Infrared Inspections Springfield MO


Thermal imaging cameras,  better known as Infrared or IR cameras, have been used by forward-thinking home and building inspectors for many years and the applications and benefits of applying infrared technology have been well documented in both residential and commercial inspections.
Why settle with a standard inspection that does not offer powerful infrared technology?

  • Infrared provides a customer a greater level of certainty about issues which might not be otherwise found by the naked eye during the inspection
  • Infrared helps identify problems that may be proactively identified and addressed now, which can save everyone time, money and headaches
  • Infrared helps you find potential failures before they occur.
  • Infrared is quick, economical, and efficient.
  • Infrared helps you plan for repairs on a schedule, rather than having unexpected breakdowns helps maintenance dollars go further.

Other Benefits of Infrared:

Lower insurance rates:  Many insurance companies recommend or require annual infrared inspections. Some insurance companies will reduce annual premiums if periodic infrared inspections are conducted.

Improve safety:  Unexpected accidents from electrical and mechanical failures that may result in fires, explosions, or other catastrophic failures result in many accidents annually. Infrared inspections help reduce these unexpected accidents

Reduce loss of production:  By locating potential equipment problems during infrared inspections and performing repairs, loss of production may be reduced and sometimes totaled eliminated.

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