Take Stock Of Your Time and Your “Yes”!

Time Management

Wow, it is hard to say “No” but taking pride in the “Yes” is sacred! Working as a marketing specialist for a small inspection business in Springfield, my default “Yes” often leaves me short on time.  Since time management is always an important focus, I thought this was a good short read.   I’m sure a lot of you relate, I sure did! ~ Patty

YES or No?

 YES or NO Mirowski Inspections Blog Post
There’s a seemingly infinite number of things to get done today. Some of them are of your own doing. Others are requests (and demands) from employees and customers. Not to mention your obligations to family and friends.
Given this, one of the most important things you can learn to do is get comfortable with saying the word “no.” If you can’t do that, you’re setting yourself up to drop a lot of balls, disappoint a lot of people, and probably have a mental breakdown.
But perhaps even more empowering, is to realize the value of your “yes.” The word is sacred. It’s your commitment to another. Whether your spouse, kids, friends, colleagues, or customers, when you say yes, you are giving something of immense value. And when you don’t deliver on that yes, the damage can be deep and lasting.
Because a yes is so sacred, it’s important to fully understand what you say yes to. What exactly is being asked? When do they expect you to deliver? How involved do they need to be in the process before delivery? Often we’re too quick to say yes without doing our full due diligence, and that’s when the opportunity for disappointment and frustration to set in.
This week, take stock of how you use your “yes”. It’s a hot commodity, and one you own. Here’s to a productive week and your success!
Jake Johnson, Managing Editor Infusionsoft
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