Well Inspections Are Money Well Spent

Get the most information possible from Mirowski Inspections, qualified professionals about both the Well Water quality and the condition and functioning of the entire drinking water system with our Well Inspections.

With an Onsite Sewage System, most purchasers and lenders require an inspection and certification that the well and  septic system is functioning properly and with routine maintenance is expected to function properly for the foreseeable future.  Mirowski Inspections offers a comprehensive inspection by licensed onsite waste water system inspectors.

Types of Wells

Wells are either driven, dug or drilled. Each depends on the ground materials and location, but all wells rely on some sort of pump to get the groundwater from the earth and deliver it inside the home. All wells, regardless of construction type, should be clear of debris, and the grade around the well-cap (the part that comes out of the ground), should slope away to avoid pooling. Water should be coming from the ground up, not the other way around.

After You Move In

All wells have some sort of pump to get water from the ground to the place where its used.   If you have a well on your property, call Mirowski Inspections to schedule  a careful look at the Well Pump for tight, non-leaking connections and cleanliness of any filtration system.  Most pumps run on electricity, so unlike being on municipal water, if the electricity goes out, you cannot flush the toilet, get a glass of water, take a shower, etc.

Your Well inspection and water test may reveal that your water is ideal. You'll enjoy fresh, clean water, unconnected to the issues, hassles and potential additives of municipals supplies.But to keep it that way you need to test annually and be sure that activities on or surrounding your groundwater don't turn your clean water into contaminated water. The EPA recommends to periodically inspect exposed parts of the well for problems such as:

  • cracked, corroded, or damaged well casing
  • broken or missing well cap
  • settling and cracking of surface seals.