What is Your Word for 2018?  It’s a New Year and we once again look forward with hope in our hearts and the world at our fingertips.  The New Year brings with it bright new opportunities, time to reflect and measure our successes and set new goals.    I love this time of year, especially on social media.  Positivity is abundant as people of all ages begin setting their resolutions and join communities to help motivate and inspire.

Encourage & Simplify

One of my favorite post this week was from my friend @mbarnespics.  Michelle posted her word for 2018 and reminded us to encourage each other and build each other up.  (It also inspired me to write this post).  I have never been very good at resolutions and decided a couple years ago that setting a word of intention for the year would be worth a try.  In 2017 my word of intention was “Simplify” and I kicked off the New Year minimizing clutter, eliminating “things” that were not adding value, and slowing down a bit to make time for friends and family who were getting lost in the hustle.

Choosing a Word of Intention is not a new idea but it makes a world of difference.  For me, setting my word was less about doing and more about being.  I became more aware of my day to day actions and how they fit to what I was trying to achieve as well as the impact that would make on my day, month, or year.    I could take “Simplify” everywhere— our inspection business, our home, health, relationships, fitness.  It didn’t have to be a “To Do” and it was flexible, sometimes changing course.  For the most part, my word helped me focus on the question… would the action, decision, task, etc., simplify my life or business?

On to 2018

This year my world is Gratitude.  This year I want to focus on all the wonder, kindness, and compassion that is around me.  There is so much to be grateful for and so many ways to practice gratitude and compassion.  I am not the journaling type so my gratitude will need to bloom in other ways.  Here’s to a year of being grateful and spreading kindness and thankfulness!

There are many sources on the web that you can use to help guide you in picking your word but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Need help getting started or want to join a “Tribe” out @Marcipaparazzi 4 Steps to choosing a World of the Year or OneWord365.   Forget your New Year’s Resolutions and scrap that long list of goals and choose One Word.  What will it be?  Share with us, and more importantly, have fun, focus on growth, and enjoy your journey.

Happy New Year!

Dana Mirowski
Mirowski Inspections Springfield, MO

Dana and Steve Mirowski are the owner-operators of Mirowski Inspections, LLC located in downtown Springfield, MO.  Whether you are buying or selling a home a home inspection provides you with peace of mind, saves you money and time, and helps protect your investment.  Mirowski Inspections offers inspections for residential and commercial properties as well as pest inspections, septic inspections, radon testing,  environmental testing and infrared scanning, Call Mirowski Inspections @ 417-873-9517 for more information or check out our website at www.mirowskiinspections.com

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